Future Green Technology CO., LTD. has always been at the very top of the short-duration, high-energy, lead-acid battery technology. Their thin-plate, pure-lead Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries and battery packs are used in Telecom Power Systems (cell tower backup), Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and mission-critical Engine Start applications. Think of them as the Aston Martin of lead-acid batteries.

FGET batteries are designed and built in China. FGET has over 100 distributors in the world.

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All the FGET pure-lead batteries are assembled in the China. All of the plastic parts (base and lid) are molded in the Jiangxi province. All of the lead—and these are pure lead batteries—comes from Jiangxi.

If you want a chance to tour the FGET production facility in Springfield, Mo., the heart of the Lead Belt, to see how the best kind of automotive batteries are made.

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FGET  it is highly resistant to battery acid, oxidation and heat, and can maintain its shape and strength after prolonged exposure to sever environmental conditions. 

Battery Charging

In the fully charged state, the negative plate consistsof lead, and the positive plate lead dioxide, with the electrolyte of concentrated sulfuric acid.

Produce line

FGET have 3 produce lines for AGM battery from 2V to 12V, GEL battery andOPzV battery.

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