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Hello, friend!  We are a Battery Manufacturer called Future Green Technology based in Guangzhou China. FGET provides Kinds of BATTERIES and 1kw to 20kw Solar Power System globally.
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Future Green Technology Co., Ltd.
Future Green Technology CO.,LTD. We are Future Green Technology, a company based in Guangzhou, China with two factories that provide solar power systems and various types of batteries globally. Our company is committed to providing clean energy for the world and is a future-oriented emerging company. We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality solar panels and solar energy systems at Future Green Technology. Our solar panels are made with the latest technology and materials, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability. We offer a variety of sizes and power output options to fit your specific needs, whether for residential or commercial use. Our solar energy systems are designed to provide reliable, clean energy to power your home or business. We provide complete one-stop solutions for solar energy systems, including installation, maintenance, and repair services. At Future Green Technology, we are committed to providing environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solutions for our customers. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of SLA batteries, including AGM, GEL, AGM-GEL, Pb-C, rechargeable batteries, flooded batteries, and more. Our batteries are suitable for various applications, including motive vehicles such as electric bicycles/tricycles, EVs, HEVs, forklifts, electrical tools/toys, etc., renewable energy storage such as solar and wind power, reserve power such as telecom, UPS, emergency lighting, security systems, and motorcycles. In addition to supplying batteries, we can also provide electric bicycles, tricycles, related accessories, and technical support for new factory establishment. At Future Green Technology, we are dedicated to being your personal home clean energy solution provider. Thank you for considering us as your battery and solar power system supplier. Our Factory ·  Our Factory    View More Main Workshop FGET  it is highly resistant to battery acid, oxidation and heat, and can maintain its shape and strength after prolonged exposure to sever environmental conditions.  Battery Charging In the fully charged state, the negative plate consistsof lead, and the positive plate lead dioxide, with the electrolyte of concentrated sulfuric acid. Produce line FGET have 3 produce lines for AGM battery from 2V to 12V, GEL battery andOPzV battery. R&D Center Strong in R&D · FGET is placing a heavy emphasis on battery R&D so to generate new products and open up application fields for secondary batteries. · This R&D effort supports FGET’s Lead Acid battery business as also activities in battery systems engineering. · So to maintain close the scientific community at large, FGET is hosting several external Chinese and foreign scientists, researchers and consultants at its facilities. · This helps, with “out-of-the-box” thinking, in formulating new product strategies and solving production and quality issues.  · R&D outlay: 10 million RMB/year. · R&D direction: Advanced VRLA battery, Tube plate VRLA battery, 2V series VRLA battery. Battery Materials Test Equipment OEM/ODM · FGET marketing mode is diversity which include OEM, Customization, and Distribution and Manufacturing supplies.. · We establish a tight cooperation relationship with the three biggest domestic operators, be approved by military as a qualified supplier, to be the strategy alliance with the top international batteries' company. Certifications CE Certification MSDS Certification for Safe Transport of Goods UN38.3 CE Certification Solar panel ROSH solar panel
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